Speed Up Content Delivery for SEO

Content delivery has to be fast if you want to make sure you have a good Google ranking. It also helps mobile and desktop visitors to actually like using your site. Otherwise, it could load slowly and here’s how to avoid having that happen.

Content Delivery Network

A CDN (content delivery network) is a network of servers in different areas so that no matter where people load your site from, they are able to get it to show up fast. You’re going to need to make sure that you find a network to work with that is well reviewed and that actually works as advertised. You may hear on a blog or in reviews that someone thinks the company is great, but they may just be trying to share an affiliate link to make money. A better way to find out about a company is to look for reviews with no links or any association with a service.

Content Management System

Use WordPress or another content management system if you want to be able to easily work with a content delivery network. A lot of the work can be automated if you use this, and it becomes easy to just upload one file and have it sent off to all of the servers within the CDN. There may be some tweaking to do before it works well, so make sure you look carefully at what it takes for you to get everything running properly to avoid hiccups when wanting to get new content out there.

Are there ways to make sure that speeding up your content delivery system is going to work with the SEO methods you’re using? A big issue a lot of people have is that they use automated tools and those name files with long strings of numbers that then become the URL names. Make sure you look through the settings and figure out exactly what will happen once you send a file off to the network to handle. Usually, they are aware of the need for website owners to have control over these aspects of their website and have options you can use to make sure everything works properly.

Test your website one you have it all set up with a CDN because you have to make sure that pages work from different places. You probably won’t get good results if you alone test it, even if you use something like a VPN because you’re still not close to where the servers are. Instead, see if you can get friends or anyone from other areas around the world to load a few website pages to see what speeds they get. There may also be tools the company offers that lets you test speeds around the world so look into that.

Pricing is important to look at and make sure you understand. You may have a lot of limits if you go for a plan that is very low in price. Try to get something that will work as far and wide as possible if you have visitors all over the world that you want to serve content to. You can probably save the most money if you pay for the services you want for a year or two in advance. Before doing that make sure the company is well regarded and can be expected to stick around for that long!

These days, you have a lot of options to speed up content delivery. The end result is your users having a more seamless experience. Plus, it works in your favor to get good Google rankings as well since that’s a statistic they use to measure you up against other websites.

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