SEO – Common Mistakes That Kill Conversions

If you want to grow your online business, it’s important that you invest in a good website with clear, appealing landing pages that show off your brand and that have compelling calls to action. It’s not enough to just put information in front of your prospective customers, you need to do something that will persuade them to take action. If your page is slow, hard to read, or boring, you’ll lose those visitors before they open their wallets. Here’s a quick look at some things that you should avoid if you want to get your website visitors to convert into customers.

Slow Loading Pages

Before anything else, use Google’s Page Speed Checker.  You have just a few seconds on desktop devices, and really no more than 8 seconds on mobile devices, for your website to load – otherwise your visitors will hit the back button and abandon your website, then go to the next one down in the list on the SERPs. Once a visitor has done that once, they’re not likely to come back to your site in the future because they’ll see it grayed out in the results and know that they’ve been there once before.

Overly Long Landing Pages

Although Google loves content, if your landing page is too long and has too much scroll before it ‘gets to the point’ then you’re likely to lose the visitor before they finish reading it. Endless scrolling pages aren’t a bad thing if they have clear sections but one monolithic page will bore and alienate your visitors.

Multi-Page Checkout Processes

Perhaps the worst ‘sin’ is having a checkout process that is several pages long. The longer your checkout process, the more likely you are for someone to abandon it before they finish it. Try to keep your checkout form as short as possible so that you can collect all the information that you need in one go. The shorter the checkout process, the fewer opportunities people will have to change their minds.

Weak Calls to Action

What is Call to Action anyway?  Here are 30 examples –

Many of the people who visit your website are going to do so for the first time with the intent of ‘just browsing’. They are not interested in much other than learning about whatever it is that you have to offer. You will get the occasional person who will visit, find the ‘buy now’ button and pay for your goods or services, but those people are comparatively rare.

In most cases, you will need to prompt people to do something, and while ‘buy now’ is a good prompt, it’s not always going to work. Sometimes it makes more sense to use ‘subscribe to our mailing list’ or ‘download this ebook’, or even ‘follow us on this social media platform’ as your call to action – those are simple, low friction things that will give you a chance to engage with the customer again at a later date, and hopefully turn them into customers.

Take a good look at your sales page and see if you are making any of those mistakes. If you are, fix them as quickly as possible. If you’re not sure where to start, consider paying an expert in design and optimization to work on your page for you. With heat maps, click trackers and analytics tools you can do a lot in terms of figuring out what interests people, and doing a better job of providing it. If you start by avoiding these common mistakes, you’ll have a good framework upon which to build your page, and from there you can tweak your sales copy, try new images, and get the most out of your traffic.

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